Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baron Rainer's Yule time chill

So through the rains of summer and winds heralding the coming of autumn, did the valiant and noble defenders of Griffins tor bid welcome to a light hearted and relaxed tourney at Baron Rainer’s’ Yule time chill (even though it was after 12th night)

The past few days had been heavy with rain and wind, sowing doubt and uncertainty within the fair Baron. The fates had spoken in the past and mother nature herself , with her life giving rain, prevented the tourney from happening on the day of Yule.

The fates smiled upon the field this day, as they saw that the ladies of the shire were most resplendent , and that who, even the fates themselves, could let the heavens pour down on upon them.
And as became apparent later that day, the fates knew of some other glorious news and would not let the rains come to spoil this day.

Lord Caerthgyn, Lord Baldrich and young Lorcan presented themselves with grace and honour for all to see.
All combatants did meet each other in noble combat to the best of 3 rounds, where Lord Caerthgyn did try his luck at 2 swords and found it most enjoyable, young lorcan still finding his feet amongst the veterans of the field and Lord Baldrich trying out a different style of defense than usual.

The barrier proved a worthy adversary, with it deciding on when to stop the bout ( the barrier kept His Excellency and Lord Ragnarr busy during the bouts whilst they tried to tame it’s wild nature)

With the tourney complete, much revelry and toasting was had by all in attendance. Young Lorcan did find the sausage and chicken most enjoyable, with the recipe venturing home with him.

The fates still smile upon us, for we still celebrate that joyous news.

All may wonder what this glorious news could be, but that is a tale not for my telling.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raiders on the horizon

Through the fog of war do the flickering lights of crusading fires dance along the horizon. The wind that fuels this force of unknown horrors ,of creatures and demons never before seen on our shores, beasts from the far off lands of Adamastor, brings with it the stench of burning hope and conquest.

My ravens have not returned from the southern regions, hope of their return dwindles with the hour as the fires of conquest grow larger and ever present.
The wind whispers of great champions in their midst, hardened veterans of conquest , cruel and devote. It is these demons that hell hath not found or be it a plan from the great Adamastor, the Giant who sleeps his deep slumber.

But fear not, for the Defenders of Griffins Tor are stout and hardened to the cold of the northern winds, defending our humble dominion from all invaders, be they demon or man.
We shall celebrate on the eve of battle, honouring those that fall in battle and honouring those that carry on without the departed, for we honour those that go before us and those that follow. Lands of the Gryphon, king of all beast and man.

Defenders of Griffins tor… TO ARMS!!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whispering winds

I bid thee all greetings on this cold and dark night.

The winds of fate, whisper once more of dark omens and wondering strangers,
muttering names that hath not been heard in our lands for many an age.

What comes, be it man or beast from the distant lands past the great dragon
mountains, from the lands were the great Giant, Adamastor, sleeps his
eternal slumber we know not.

The fates hath spoken of a Blood moon, a moon that will turn blood red. On
the rising of the next full moon, when she has shed her crimson cloak, our
lands will come under siege from a force we have not faced before.

Noble defenders of Griffins Tor, prepare yourselves!

I have sent the Ravens forth, to search for what must come.

In strength

Baron Rainer

Monday, January 10, 2011

New year, wet weather

Well, the Heavens have opened and hailed in the new year- literally.

With the ever present highveld thunderstorms, hail storms, flooding and daily down pours , promised well into mid February, it has been rather difficult to organise things outside like we usually do.

But as they say, if life gives you thunderstorms, learn how to dance in the rain.

So in the near future we will have an open movie night with a blazing fire to ward away the rain for a brief moment.

Fighter practice will commence again, when an indoor, covered area has been organised or the heavens permit us a day or two.

Classes are ideal for this time, except Rainer's which all seem to involve being outside and working with power tools.

This is a new, fresh year with old friends and new. Let's make it a good year full of creativity and good times.

Looking forward to seeing the fighters on the list this year, provided my armour still fits.

in honour and rain

Monday, November 1, 2010

Play the game

Rainer and I attended the Shire's Here be Griffins event this weekend. As I wade through the pile of laundry that needs doing, and I look about my living room - all resplendent in pieces of fabric, sewing tools, pewter engraving tools, serving dishes, cook books, mugs and plates that need putting away, I wonder why it is that Rainer and I play this game?

What is it about the SCA that draws us in? Why on earth do we keep on doing this?

This begs some reflection... It's true - the SCA isn't for everyone... many people find the idea of dressing in clothing typical of the medieval period or renaissance to be strange unto itself... the fact that we spend our free time (or not so free time, depending on crazy your schedule is) recreating a fantasy is even more bizarre...

But the SCA has given me so many gifts... as I ponder on it, I begin to realise just how beautiful these experiences are... I met my husband through the SCA, the SCA provides both of us with an outlet for our creativity, and it is a place where you can make some really good friends.

The SCA has added a certain richness to our lives... it allows us to, just for a while, suspend the reality of the daily plodding of life, to reach for something that beckons of mystery and a tinge of surreal wonder. It's a place of warmth... we laugh a lot in this place.

Make no mistake, being a small shire, there is much work to be done... and it can be overwhelming for those of us who do the work... and yes, we have experienced our fair share of politics through the years, not to mention burn out... But when all is said and done - playing this game adds to our lives more than it detracts... There's nothing quite like being in court, and witnessing a dear friend finally being recognised for their efforts... or waking up early in the morning, before anyone else is awake, taking a walk through the site and appreciating the quiet before the day's mad activity...

The SCA, besides being an intriguing subculture, is a 'dream within a dream'. It's difficult to describe it unless you've played for a while...

It's fascinating to see how the 'code' (honour, courtesy, faith, prowess, courage, honesty, generosity, loyalty etc.) that we attempt to live by during our events seeps into our daily lives... In a day and age where most of what we use in our daily lives is, in one form or another, derived from cold plastic - it's comforting to return to a place where the depth and warmth of wood, glass, iron, wool - all that is of nature and earthy in its character - is felt. There's a certain hominess to an SCA event site... a stirring of ages gone by, a whisper of mystery... an invitation to relish something different... and to allow yourself to be swept up in it...